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Consults with Cat


Qualified     Nutritionist

I have a Diploma in Nutrition with Advanced Certificate's in both Plant Based Nutrition and Sports Nutrition

I am passionate about healthy food and living well. As well as a mother of two active children and running my own Barre and Pilates business, I dance professionally, love to surf and run a household alongside my husband and his three cafes in Auckland! I know what’s it like to be in a busy world and trying to keep on top of not only your own health but that of your family’s as well. I have started Nutrition consultations to help others with their eating goals and achieving a better relationship with food, I'd love to help you build lifelong healthy habits for you and your family.

Eat well today for a better tomorrow

I have faced many health challenges in my life including Endometriosis, body dysmorphia and distorted views with food, depression and low energy, anxiety, skin issues, over-exercising and many injuries through my dance career. When I eat well and look after myself I feel amazing and have the energy to live a happy and healthy life by eating for nourishment and health. I eat in abundance and have a great relationship with food and my body, it has taken me years to create this lifestyle for myself and now I want to share this with you.


Book a Consult

If you are struggling with healthy eating, knowing what to feed your family, skin issues, bloating, lethargy, weight gain or weight loss, hormonal issues, mood swings or getting sick a lot then I believe I can help you get on track and take control of your health.



60min initial consultation online  or in person


30min nutritional follow-up online or in person

PrOats Recipe



1 cup of rolled oats

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp hemp hearts

1 cup of water

1 scoop of protein powder (optional) I use Welle-co Vanilla powder

1/2 cup of blueberries or mixed berries

1/2  banana

Small handful of walnuts

Small handful of goji berries (optional)

Small handful of pumpkin seeds

Small handful of sunflower seeds

Dollop of coconut yoghurt (optional)

1/2  cup of soy milk

Maple Drizzle

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp of maple syrup

Cook oats with hemp hearts and chia seeds and 1 cup of water over medium heat, cook

until desired consistency is reached. Once cooked if you are using protein powder take the

oats off the heat and mix through the powder.

If your berries are frozen heat this in another pot with a tiny splash of water.

For the maple drizzle

Place one the maple syrup and almond butter in a small bowl and whisk until thoroughly



Place oats in a bowl and top with the berries, walnuts, half a banana, goji berries, seeds, and

the plant milk of your choice.

I like to top mine with coconut yoghurt and then drizzle over my maple almond butter


proats 2.jpeg
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